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UAG iPhone case review

UAG specialises in rugged but lightweight cases for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy handsets and a small selection of other brands. uag-case2

The company positions itself at the high-end of mobile device protection. As such it makes much of its cases' purported "military-grade protection" in advertising blurb and heavily touts the MIL-STD 810 standard as proof of their hard-wearing qualities.

uag case detail

UAG Plasma Series cases for iPhones are are designed to look rugged. So much so that ours includes faux screws that would be ridiculous if they didn't actually serve a valuable purpose as additional cushioning points.

uag case next to iphone 7

The acid test for cases that are billed as 'rugged' is how they survive being dropped. We didn't want to be too scientific with our drop-test, but opted to see how UAG's case fared in real-life scenarios.

I dropped the phone on a pavement and down a flight of stairs and in both 'staged accidents' the phone and came out unscathed. It also came through scratch-free after I threw my phone forcefully onto my desk.

iphone uag case on metal floor

The UAG Plasma Series protective case for iPhone really does excel at its job, which is to stop you worrying about damaging your phone and give you the freedom to just chuck it on the dash of your car.

I love the rugged style, which makes the case feel like a pair of good hiking boots: sturdy yet cosy. And who cares if it's just a walk on the riverside? I want to keep my feet warm and not worry about puddles.

I will be sporting one these cases, possibly in translucent red. The same colour as my spandex hiking boots, naturally.

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