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Vivo X60 Pro review

A new premium smartphone - but is it a rival for the big names?


  • Looks great
  • Impressive cameras
  • 120Hz refresh rate


  • No 90Hz refresh rate option
  • Bit slippy to hold
  • Accessibility suite lacks Live Caption

With a price tag of almost £750 and plenty of top-quality features, the Vivo X60 Pro sets itself up as a flagship smartphone. But how does it measure up? We put it to the test to find out if it's worth the money.

Vivo X60 Pro first impressions and design

The X60 Pro definitely has an eye-catching design. The Shimmer Blue model shows a range of colours as it catches the light. Or, you can go for Midnight Black if you want a subtler look.

It looks and feels very premium, with a glass back and Gorilla Glass 6 reinforcing the screen. The screen itself is excellent, but more on that in a minute.

The rear camera set-up doesn’t stick out too much, and the front selfie cam is barely noticeable.

You will find the usual selection of buttons on the right hand side of the phone, with the volume rocker sat handily above the main power button.

As you might expect with a Pro device, it’s pretty big, measuring a hefty 6.56 inches and weighing in at a not-inconsiderable 179g. Having said that though, it surprisingly doesn’t feel too big or bulky. And its smooth surface is easier to grip than you might think. However, if you’re a bit accident-prone, we’d recommend getting a case for it just to be on the safe side.

Vivo X60 Pro display

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The Vivo X60’s 6.56-inch screen is ideal for watching your favourite content. The Full HD+, AMOLED display is clear and bright, with sharp details and bold colours. It’s great for streaming Netflix and watching TikTok clips.

The Vivo X60 also boasts a 120Hz refresh rate. This is a premium feature you won’t even find on the latest iPhone 12. This means that you can enjoy super-smooth scrolling and flawless gaming.

And if you do like to play games on your phone, Ultra Game Mode is for you. Toggle this on in the settings to set your ideal sound, display, and notification settings so you get the best out of your gaming.

You can switch between 60Hz and 120Hz, but unfortunately, there’s no 90Hz option. The Vivo automatically chooses between 60Hz and 120Hz depending on what you’re doing on your phone. And since most activities are fine on 60Hz, keeping it on automatic is a good way of preserving battery.

Vivo X60 Pro camera

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The X60 Pro comes with a strong camera offering.

The main camera on-board is a 48MP shooter, supported by two 13MP lenses. On the front is a discreet 32MP hole-punch cam sat top-centre of the screen, so you can snap perfect selfies.

Vivo has teamed up with lens specialist Zeiss, a brand that previously lent its camera know-how to Sony’s smartphones. So the camera has some serious tech behind it.

We're pleased to report that the cameras deliver some great results. When taking some garden pictures, we found that the flowers caught the eye nicely. Although we did have a bit of trouble focussing on close range shots. Pictures looked natural and showcased the environment well. The garden pictures did not appear to be overly influenced by artificial processes, but the colour red did seem to pop out a little bit more than the rest.

In darker situations, the phone's software does a little more work to brighten things up.

The camera's zoom impressed.

Night mode is decent too, with close range images coming out noticeably brighter.

All in all, the camera is one of the best we’ve seen on a smartphone.

Vivo X60 Pro performance and battery life

With a decent sized 4200mAh battery the Vivo X60 Pro has enough power to get you through the day.

When we performed our go-to battery draining test by watching Netflix for an hour, the battery only went down by 8%. This means that you should have plenty of juice to stream content, as well as getting on with all your usual daily phone activities.

And when you do need to charge, fast charging will have you back up to full power in around 30 minutes.

And when it comes to storage, the standard model of the Vivo Pro has 256GB of memory. That’s plenty of room to store all the apps, photos, and TV shows that you want.

The security options are also very strong. The handset comes with both face and fingerprint unlock. Both are extremely fast to set up and will have you ready to go in about a minute.

When unlocking the Pro, we were very impressed with the lightning-quick facial unlock. The in-screen fingerprint scanner also performed really well. If you prefer the classic options, you can just use a pin, pattern or password.

If you’re prone to the odd accident, you can breathe a sigh of relief, as the phone comes equipped with Gorilla Glass 6, which should be able to withstand drops from up to 1.6 meters onto hard, rough surfaces. Although we don’t recommend trying this out.


You can find accessibility options within the general settings menu. Tap Shortcuts & Accessibility then scroll down and tap Accessibility.

Is the Vivo X60 Pro good for people with sight loss?

Sight tools Centre around, TalkBack, Select to Speak, and Magnifier. These are the main attractions in the standard Android Accessibility suite, available for most phones with the OS.

You can download the Android Accessibility Suite from the Google Play Store.

The on-board Accessibility set provides useful options like, Colour Inversion, a dark mode, Colour Correction, and the ability to increase text size. While you can increase the text size, it isn’t particularly large, even at the highest setting.

Is the Vivo X60 Pro good for people with hearing loss?

The Vivo X60 Pro is compatible with a range of hearing aids and offers features like a basic subtitle function, Mono Audio, and the ability to set a bias between your left and your right ear. Mono Audio, meanwhile, takes sounds intended specifically for the left or the right ear and combines it for the benefit of both.

With this on, you should only need to use one ear to hear all sounds.

Disappointingly, the handset currently lacks Live Caption, which is a relatively new feature that acts as the next generation of subtitling. Also not immediately present in the hearing section is Live Transcribe, although you can download this from the Google Play store.

Is the Vivo X60 Pro good for people with a physical disability?

At 179g the device feels good. It’s light, compact and easy to use with one hand - especially if you use One-Handed mode, which shrinks the screen down to make it easier to navigate with, like the name suggests, one hand.

Other notable offerings include Accessibility Menu and Switch Access. Switch Access allows you to connect specialist buttons called Switches, which can be set to perform certain actions on the phone. The buttons can be connected by USB and Bluetooth.

The Accessibility Menu offers a straightforward interface of one-touch options. These replace the need to press physical buttons or perform certain gestures.

You can do things like take a screenshot, trigger the power off menu, and see the notification bar.

If either Switch Access or Accessibility Menu are not immediately present, you can find them via the Android Accessibility Suite app. The app is located on the Google Play Store

It is also worth noting that the Touch and Hold Delay settings can be changed. Changing this setting affects how long it will take your phone to respond for options hidden behind longer presses.

Vivo X60 Pro value and verdict

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The Vivo X60 Pro is an exciting Android smartphone. The phone looks stylish, has a very strong camera, a great screen, and premium features you don’t find everywhere like a 120Hz refresh rate.

Fast charge makes sure you can always keep your battery topped up, and at a retail of £750, it’s a cheaper alternative to flagships from the likes of Samsung and Apple

If you’re looking for a new phone with an impressive camera, big screen and striking design, then Vivo X60 Pro is well worth a look.

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