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Over half of UK Netflix subscribers would unsubscribe if it introduced ads

Over half of UK Netflix subscribers would unsubscribe if it introduced ads

Netflix is forever tinkering with new features, but here’s a warning if it ever introduces adverts: more than half of the firm’s UK customers would ditch the service if it did so, according to a study.

Were commercials to make an appearance on Netflix, 57 per cent of its UK customer base would unsubscribe. That’s according to marketing technology firm AudienceProject, which carried out the research.

The streaming service has toyed with introducing adverts for its own shows, but every time it trials the feature in some shape or form, it’s met with a sharp rebuke by users on social media. This is further confirmation – were it needed – that its customers don’t want adverts.

The study also reports that Netflix now accounts for 70 per cent of UK streaming and downloading, followed by BBC iPlayer at 61 per cent.

“Our findings highlight the growing importance of targeting and relevance in advertising,” said Martyn Bentley, commercial director UK at AudienceProject.

“As consumers have increasing choice over whether or not they see ads, both broadcasters and advertisers alike need to work hard to ensure that campaigns enhance experience, rather than detract – plus it suggests that greater inroads need to be made with Connected TV as a means to help tailor advertising at a granular level.”

According to the report, the TV is the most popular device for streaming in the UK, being the main method of 42 per cent of respondents. This was followed by computers (39 per cent), mobiles (36 per cent), tablets (32 per cent), connected TV boxes (28 per cent) and video games consoles (17 per cent).

Source: Net Imperative

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