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Who has the best Black Friday TV deals, Sky or NOW?

Who has the best Black Friday TV deals, Sky or NOW?

Of all the major broadband providers, Sky and NOW have the most comprehensive collection of content. From live TV channels to on-demand access to exclusive shows, Sky and NOW are the obvious choice if you’re looking to get a deal on your digital TV services this Black Friday.

But which one has the best TV deals for Black Friday 2021?

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Sky Black Friday TV deals

Our best deal: Sky TV, Superfast Broadband & Sky Pay As You Talk 59Mbps | 18-month contract | £29.95 setup fee | £39.00 per month

For Black Friday 2021, Sky is running a promotion on its Sky TV, Superfast Broadband & Sky Pay As You Talk package. Available until 3 December, Sky has discounted its classic TV, broadband and home phone bundle, dropping it from £42 to £39 a month for 18 months.

This is a great deal for those looking to max out their TV and get access to all the best TV channels and services available. The Sky Q viewing experience is still unbeatable. It combines all your content and subscriptions through one device and delivers it in up to UHD quality.

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NOW Black Friday TV deals

  • NOW Cinema (12-month contract with broadband) - £4.99
  • NOW Entertainment (12-month contract with broadband) - £4.99
  • NOW Sports (12-month contract with broadband) - £19.99

NOW is Sky’s official streaming service, offering a more flexible option to those looking to pick and choose which channels and services they want to access. Like Sky, NOW has a huge amount of exclusive content from HBO TV shows that you can’t watch anywhere else in the UK. And it has first-look movie releases that appear on Sky/NOW cinema before they’re available anywhere else.

When you subscribe to a NOW Broadband deal this Black Friday, you can add any of the NOW TV memberships for nearly 50% off their regular monthly price.

Both NOW Entertainment and NOW Cinema are normally £9.99, but you can subscribe for just £4.99 when you join on a 12-month contract with your broadband deal. Meanwhile NOW Sport is normally £33.99 a month but you can get it for £19.99 a month on a 12-month contract.

You’re free to cancel your TV membership at any time, but you will then lose access to the half price deal if you cancel before the last month of the offer period.

Our best deal: NOW Broadband: Super Fibre & Anytime Calls 63Mbps | 12-month contract | £5 delivery fee | £20.00 per month

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Sky vs NOW Black Friday deals

Savings £54 £60
Contract length 18 month 12 month
Average broadband speed 59Mbps 63Mbps
Setup cost £29.95 £5
Offer ends 2 December 3 December

So which Black Friday TV deal is better? Signing up for a 12-month broadband contract with NOW could save you £60 a year if you subscribe to either the Entertainment or Cinema memberships, or an impressive £168 if you sign up for NOW Sports.

The Sky Black Friday TV deal will give you more choice, channels and content but NOW deals will give you that flexibility to cancel your TV if you and. It also comes on a shorter 12-month contract compared to Sky’s 18-month contract.

If you want a comprehensive all-in-one TV package, Sky still offers the largest selection of content and viewing options. But NOW's flexibility combined with the same great selection of Sky content is ideal for new customers and those who like to stream their content.

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