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Phone Colour OS Screen Size Memory Camera Wifi 3G/4G
Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB Blue

Galaxy S3 16GB

4.8" 16GB 8.0MP 3G

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£13 a month

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Nokia Lumia 800

Lumia 800

3.7" 16GB 8.0MP 3G

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£21 a month

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Samsung Galaxy Ace

Galaxy Ace

3.5" 158MB 5.0MP 3G

Free from
£10 a month

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Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus

Galaxy Ace Plus

3.7" 4GB 3G

Free from
£17 a month

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Samsung Galaxy Y

Galaxy Y

3.0" 180MB 2.0MP 3G

Free from
£10 a month

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Smart mobile phones

Smart mobile phones are advanced, highly powerful devices that combine the functions of a personal digital assistant (PDA) and a high-end mobile phone. Some smartphones are now so advanced that they are more like pocket PCs than just phones.

What functions to smartphones offer?

The functionality of smart mobile phones are ever-expanding. It might be quicker and simpler to list the functions that smart mobile phones don’t offer. Depending on the model of smart mobile phone you choose, you should be able to do everything from enjoying a blazing-fast web browsing experience to viewing movies in rich high definition.

Smart mobile phones also come with different, incredibly functional operating systems, such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS, etc, that allow you to customise your phone to meet almost your every need.

Some of the fantastic functions featured on smart mobile phones are:

Push email

This is a key feature of BlackBerry mobile phones but has since become a standard on most smartphones. In a nutshell, push email lets you receive messages automatically and near instantly to your mobile phone from the mail server. This makes it quicker to respond to emails and is a boon for business users.

Super-fast web browsing

HSDPA support on smart mobile phones allow users to surf the web and download music and movies at super-fast speeds of up to 7.2Mb. This means that not only can you access websites quickly, you’ll also be able to stream music and videos directly to your phone even while you're on the move.

HD movies and recording

The latest smart mobile phones offer high definition (HD) video recording and playback, with the ability to hook up the handset to an HDTV for even better viewing pleasure. Although viewing HD movies on large Super AMOLED screens on newer smartphones is almost as good as having an HDTV in your pocket.

Massive on board memory and apps

The term apps refers to software that can be separately downloaded and stored on your smart mobile phone. These include anything from productivity tools to games and distractions to keep you entertained on the move. Moreover, smart mobile phones nowadays feature massive memory capacity of up to 32GB so you have plenty of room to store as many applications as your heart desires.

What are smart mobile phone operating systems?

Operating systems are what allocates resources on smartphones to carry out their functions. With the advent of more powerful mobile phones, mobile operating systems have also become more advanced and versatile in their capabilities.

Some of the most common smart mobile phone operating systems are: Nokia's Symbian OS, Apple's iOS, Google's Android, Research In Motion's BlackBerry OS, Microsoft's Windows Phone and Samsung's Bada OS.

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Are smart mobile phones expensive?

As with most technology, the newest smart mobile phones will be costlier than older, less capable models. However, there is a growing collection of smart mobile phones with cutting-edge features for a reasonable price. Better yet, if you pick up one with a contract, you can have the cost of the handset partly and entirely subsidised.

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Which companies make smart mobile phones?

Almost every mobile phone manufacturer offers a range of high-end smart mobile phone, with some of the most advanced on sale from Apple, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion and Nokia.

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