Tough mobile phones

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Tough mobile phones

Tough mobile phones are rugged handsets with robust constructions that are custom-designed to withstand accidents and drops. Tough mobile phones may also be waterproof, dust resistant and capable of working in extreme temperatures.

Why choose a tough mobile phone?

If you’ve ever invested in an expensive mobile phone only to have it damaged just days later by dropping it, you’ll know how frustrating it can be.

Tough mobile phones employ superior build quality and reinforced glass to ensure that your handset remains unscathed even when it falls from several feet onto hard surfaces.

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Which tough mobile phones are available to buy?

Tough mobile phones are on sale from specialist manufacturers, such as Sonim and JCB, as well as more mainstream mobile phone brands, including Nokia, Samsung and Motorola.

What are the advantages of tough mobile phones?

Tough mobile phone owners benefit from increased peace of mind from the knowledge that their phone is robust enough to survive the majority of accidents. They also appreciate the reliability that such mobiles offer, even when users are in inhospitable locations.

What are the disadvantages of tough mobile phones?

Typically tough mobile phones will offer a fairly simple range of functions unlike the cutting-edge features offered by more expensive and luxury smartphones. However, these features are unlikely to be a priority for the average buyer of a tough phone.

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Who are tough mobile phones suitable for?

Tough phones are particularly favoured by people who work in environments where a mobile is likely to be exposed to accidents and shocks. Consequently they are very popular among with builders and sometimes feature louder ringers to enable owners to hear them even in a noisy work environment.

Another key market for tough mobile phones is fans of outdoor pursuits such as hiking and caving. To better serve these users, tough mobile phones often boast especially long lasting batteries that do not require to be recharged for up to 18 hours if used sparingly.

Other features of tough mobile phones that have made them a hit with this market include A-GPS and digital compasses to aid navigation in unfamiliar locales and a powerful flashlight.

Last but not least, tough phones are also great for anyone who is clumsy or accident prone in general.

Future of tough phones

As technology improves, tough phones are likely to become ever more hardy and able to withstand harder falls and greater shocks. As GPS services improve, they’ll also become more and more effective in aiding navigation capabilities of tough phones.

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