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Dan Moore

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Back to the Future style DeLorean DMC-12 car - what will you be driving in the future?
17 August 2022

Electric vehicles: Is it time to join the charge?

By 2030 anyone hankering after a new car will need to look beyond petrol or diesel motors, because they will be obsolete. Electric vehicles – called EVs – will be the norm. Here’s why.

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Where to park for cheaper car insurance
30 March 2021

Who owns the major car makers now?

The UK car industry turned out more than million new motors in the past 12 months alone - from Fords, to MINIs, Jaguars and more - despite Coronavirus, but almost none of the brands are British owned any more. So who controls the brands Brits drive most often? We explain exactly who now owns everyone from Alfa Romeo to Volvo.

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Man driving his car
30 March 2021

When’s the best time to switch car insurance for a cheap quote?

Is there a best and worst time to switch car insurance? Should you leave renewing car insurance to the last minute or not?

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Car part ; Close up detail of a custom racing carbon fiber spoiler on the rear of a modern car
23 February 2021

How car modifications affect insurance

Car modifications can improve the look, performance and safety of your car, but they can also impact insurance premiums.

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Car insurance fronting
18 August 2020

Should I buy a diesel or petrol car?

We all want the most efficient motor on the road, but it’s not easy. Pros and cons include fuel consumption, engine power and noxious emissions, but at the end it really all boils down to one question: what’s best, petrol or diesel?

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Parking on the pavement
18 August 2020

Is parking on the pavement illegal?

Outside of London parking on the pavement is not usually illegal. But that doesn’t mean you’ll avoid a fine. We shine a headlight on the rules here.

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