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Sky’s £5 'lowest monthly price' 500MB deal: five things you need to know

Sky Mobile hasn’t been around for long. But it’s already fast developing a reputation for innovative sweeteners, such as the Roll data trove, and its Swap early-upgrade scheme.

And now it’s back with another new offer, this time including unlimited calls, texts and 500MB of data starting from just a fiver a month.

So, how can you take advantage? And is there a catch? Read on and we’ll tell you five things you need to know about Sky’s latest offer.

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1) Just a fiver

Woman using Sky Mobile at home

Sky’s headline-grabbing offer is pretty simple. For just £5, you can get a SIM–only package with 500MB of data, plus unlimited minutes and calls.

Sky says this offer is in response to research showing that 26% of SIM–only mobile users have a data allowance of less than 1GB per month.

There’s a major caveat to this ultra-cheap deal, however. You’ll need to be a Sky TV customer in order to take advantage.

2) And cheap with a new phone too

It’s not just SIM–only customers that can take advantage of the deal, though. Sky says you can snag 500MB and unlimited calls and texts and a new phone with no upfront charge from as little as £12.50 a month.

That represents particularly good value if you’re already shelling out for Sky TV and want a phone that won’t cost you the Earth.

3) Roll-over your data

Sky Mobile phone using data rollover

Sky’s ‘Piggybank’ offer applies to this latest deal, meaning you can roll-over unused data to the next month and it’ll be available to use for up to three years.

There’s also the option to snap up 1GB of extra data if you race through data by streaming music, watching video or simply spend too much time on Facebook or Twitter.

4) Easy to change plan

Sky’s ‘Mix’ offer also applies. That means you can change the deal at any point, boosting your data allowance to 1GB, 3GB or 5GB per month.

As services become more data reliant, this is a good option to have just in case you become a full blown internet addict rather than a casual user.

5) Free roaming

Mobile Roaming

With roaming across the EU due to be scrapped in mid–June, Sky has got ahead of the game by offering free roaming to 36 destinations across the continent.

That means you can call the UK, send texts to friends at home and utilise your 500MB of data without having to pay anything extra. Handy with the summer holidays around the corner.

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