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Top 10 Father’s Day gadget gifts 2017

It’s that time of year again. The day when you show your appreciation for your dad giving you life, and slaving for the cash to put you through college, via the medium of gently abusive greetings cards and novelty presents.

Stuck for a gift this year? Here’s some ideas...

1) Emoji novelty golf balls: £9.99

Emoji golf balls

If your dad’s prone to getting in a strop if he’s lost a round of golf, these emoji golf balls might be the perfect gift for him.

After all, what bad mood couldn’t be cheered by these adorable emojis? Or if he’s determined to be grumpy, there is an angry-face emoji golf ball included in the pack of six.

Buy it here: Enoji golf balls

2) Kindle Paperwhite E-reader: £89.99

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

A fail-safe present. Especially if you pre-load it with a few Jeremy Clarkson best-sellers and some dusty documentaries about World War II.

Buy it here: Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

3) Dark Side, Light Side Vinyl Sticker for light switch: 99p

Star Wars light sticker

Ideal for the sort of dad who responds to jibes about this thickening waist and thinning hair by telling you ‘when 900 years old you reach, look as good, you will not, hmm?’

Buy it here: Dark Side, Light Side Vinyl Sticker

4) Funtime ET7850 Mini Arcade Machine Toy: £18.99

Arcade mini machine new image

Packs in 240 games that take you back to the era of blocky sprites, bleepy sound effects and smoky gaming emporiums with the ever-present threat of violence in the air. Good times.

Buy it here: Mini Arcade Machine

5) Google Cardboard Kit V2: £6.99

Google cardboard new

If your dad grew up in the ‘90s there’s a very good chance he’ll remember the first wave of VR as a limp disappointment. But that just means it’s that much easier to blow his mind with 2017’s version.

Strap in the phone to the headset, fire up one of those rollercoaster YouTube VR clips and watch as Pa clings tight to nearby furniture to stay on his feet. It’s a guaranteed good time for everyone involved.

Buy it here: Google Cardboard Kit V2

6) One For All 3 TV universal remote control: £17.99

universal remote control

Most dads are, or at least dream of being, the King of the Remote Control. So, why not give him the power he craves by getting One Remote to Rule Them All?

As the name suggests, he can use this bad boy to control the TV, the set-top box and the DVD player at the same time. And all from the comfort of his armchair.

Buy it here:Universal remote control

7) AmaziPro8 iPhone keyring with charge sync cable and bottle opener: £11.97

charger and bottle opener keyring

This keyring does literally everything your dad could want: it’ll charge his iPhone and open his beer. What father could wish for more?

Buy it here: AmaziPro8 keyring

8) Sega Genesis classic games console: £56


Although they might seem a bit outdated now, your dad probably has fond memories of a time when games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Mortal Combat were considered cutting-edge.

And to celebrate Sonic’s 25th birthday, Sega has released a Mega Drive that’s actually compatible with modern TVs.

It comes with 80 of its most popular games already pre-loaded on it. So you won’t have to hunt round for those old cartridges.

If you do have any lying around, however, they will actually work in this revamped version of the Mega Drive.

So your dad can finally get the chance to successfully complete Ecco the Dolphin and defeat the boss on Castle of Illusion. Because that failure has almost certainly been gnawing away at him for years.

Buy it here: Sega Genesis Mega Drive

9) ION Audio Max LP turntable with built-in stereo speakers and USB conversion: £79


Most dads have a collection of vinyl records gathering dust in the loft. So why not get him a gift that will help him listen to his music collection in the 21st Century?

The ION Audio Max LP turntable comes with built-in stereo speakers, so he can play his music as loud as he likes.

It also comes with a headphone port, so he can listen without disturbing your mum or inflicting his questionable music taste on the rest of the house.

Best of all, it can convert old vinyl tracks into digital audio files.

So, whether he’s got some rare music that hasn’t made it onto iTunes or he’s too cheap to upgrade to CDs, he can finally get his vinyl collection onto his modern-day devices.

Buy it here: ION Audio Max LD turntable

10) Hive active heating and hot water smart thermostat: £142.99

Smart thermostat PS

If there’s one thing all dads do, it’s nag about the heating bill.

Well imagine if you could give your dad the power to control the central heating using his mobile phone. Terrifying I know.

The Hive active heating thermostat can be controlled by an app on your mobile, laptop or tablet, and has the option to set multiple schedules for your heating and hot water.

It also has a boost function to make it warmer. Not that any dad would ever use this. But you get the idea.

Hive estimates that this device can help you save up to £130 a year on your heating bills. What dad wouldn’t love that?

Word of caution: we strongly recommend only treating your dad to this if you don’t live under the same roof. Not if you like taking nice hot baths anyway.

Buy it here: Hive active heating and hot water smart thermostat

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