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Top five things to watch on YouTube VR

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YouTube’s superb VR app has received heaps of critical praise, allowing owners of compatible headsets to immerse themselves in 360 degree content.

The best clips, though, are the ones that have been developed specifically with VR in mind.

If you’ve already got a headset or are weighing up going all in on the ultimate in futurist viewing, here’s our pick of the top five things to watch on YouTube VR right now.

1 Champions League final

Unless you’re a FIFA fat cat, the chances of you actually getting a ticket to this weekend’s Champions League final in Cardiff, between Juventus and Real Madrid, are slim.

Thankfully, BT is streaming the whole thing in VR, so you’ll feel as if you’re on the pitch as Ronaldo faces up to Buffon and the best of Spanish and Italian football clash for the ultimate prize in club football.

If you’ve got Google’s Daydream headset, then simply navigate to the YouTube app, search for the BT channel and you’ll see a link for the game.

Samsung Gear VR owners need to open YouTube via the Samsung Internet browser in order to gain access.

Get the inside line on BT's VR coverage with our one-stop guide.

2 Gorillaz - Saturns Barz

This record–breaking clip from the cartoon band became the most–watched VR video on YouTube when it hit the service in March, with three million views in just two days.

It’s unquestionably the coolest thing available for VR right now, an immersive, six–minute thrill that perfectly showcases Damon Alban and Jamie Hewlett’s creative vision.

Think: singing pizzas, old–school horror references and a banging tune and you get the 360 degree picture.

3 The Lego Batman Batmersive Experience

Will Arnett’s Lego Batman takes you on a VR ride that clearly cost makers Warner Bros a fortune.

The result is nothing short of spectacular, the chance to become Batman’s sidekick and go on a a 360 degree rollercoaster ride through Gotham.

As a way of seeing how VR is going to develop, this is a killer video in and of itself.

For entertainment value, especially for superhero and Lego nerds, it’s out there on its own.

4 The New York Times Daily 360

VR has become so much more than an immersive way of watching sports or checking out promotional clips, The New York Times’ Daily 360 channel offers topical and fascinating short films about key news events.

These range from fun clips about snowstorms blowing through the Big Apple to lengthy reports on the refugee crisis in Syria.

The whole project sets a marker for what VR can do beyond the entertainment industry.

5 Soar over Hawaii

Experiencing far flung places is a luxury that many can’t afford or simply cannot do. It’s an area where VR excels, especially in this stunning aerial tour of Hawaii.

Even those who’ve been to the Aloha State are unlikely to have got these views of the coastline, volcanoes and towns.

The Virtually There channel has a wide array of immersive travel clips, from Joshua Tree park to exploring Hong Kong’s backstreets, all putting you right in the heart of the action without having to board a plane.

Not got the YouTube VR app yet? Find it for iPhone here.

Got an Android phone? Grab the YouTube VR app from Google Play.

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