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Why you should choose Lebara as your new mobile network

Looking for a SIM-only plan on a budget? Look no further…
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If you’ve heard of Lebara Mobile before, it’s probably because it’s famous for offering cheap international calls. But it’s got a lot more to offer than that. Whether you want to call abroad or you just want a SIM deal that gives you a decent amount of data, minutes and texts without having to pay a fortune for it, Lebara Mobile could be the network for you.

With SIM-only deals starting from just £3.95, Lebara Mobile is fantastic value for anyone on a budget. And it comes with a range of competitive benefits, including capped contracts, no credit checks and 30-day rolling contracts. So it’s a great choice for anyone wanting a SIM-only plan that won’t break the bank.

The network now has a whole new look, to go with its many excellent perks for mobile customers of all walks of life.

Eager to learn more? Read on to find out just why you should switch to Lebara.

No strings attached

All of Lebara’s plans are SIM-only, which means they’re 30-day rolling plans. In other words, you provide the phone, and you only sign up for a month at a time.

Changed your mind? No problem. You can cancel with just 30 days’ notice, and switch plan or network without being tied into a lengthy and expensive contract.

Signing up is easy

Unlike some other networks, there’s no credit check to pass in order to sign up with Lebara. Just provide your details, and off you go. It’s quick, easy and totally hassle-free.

In fact, it’s possible to get signed up in less than 60 seconds – that’s less time than it takes for the kettle to boil.

Mobile hotspot

Lebara doesn’t charge any extra for tethering (i.e. using your phone as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot). That means you can get online with your laptop or tablet wherever you have mobile coverage.

You can even share your mobile hotspot with multiple devices, so you and your friends can connect when out and about. That way you’ll never miss out on any social media updates, emails or messages.

Capped spends

You don’t have to worry about any nasty surprises when it comes to your monthly bill. Lebara caps out-of-bundle spends, so you have total control over what you’ll pay each month.

If you do want to spend more, you can, but you’ll never accidentally go over your allowance and get a bigger bill than you were expecting. It’s the end of bill shock – something every mobile customer will no doubt welcome.

It’s cheap to call abroad

Lebara’s plans include international calls to more than 40 countries around the world. That means that as long as you stay within your allowance of allocated minutes, you won’t be charged any extra for calling abroad. Which is amazing, especially if you have friends or family living abroad who you want to stay in touch with.

International destinations include places as far away as Australia, the US, China, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Israel, South Korea, Latvia, New Zealand, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Thailand. And that’s just to name a few.

Check out the Lebara website for the full list.

Fantastic coverage

Lebara runs on the Vodafone network, which covers 98% of the UK on 4G. So you’ll have a super speedy connection wherever you are. And with average speeds hovering around the 20Mbps mark, you won’t have to wait to download, stream, upload and more.

Unbeatable value

Lebara’s plans start at just £3.95 a month, so whatever your budget, you’re sure to find a plan to suit you.

Want a SIM deal for as little as £3.95? Check out our best Lebara SIM-only deals.


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