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Virgin Media deals and offers

  • Over 98% 4G coverage
  • You can change your plan every month
  • Roll over unused data to the next month
Why choose Virgin Media?

Virgin Media uses EE’s extensive 4G network and teams flexible tariffs with discounts for broadband and TV customers.

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What is a Multi SIM?

What is a Multi SIM?

Networks will supply Multi-SIM cards as standard. They’re compatible with all modern smartphones, as well as older, more basic handsets.

Multi-SIMS come in three parts. All you need to do is push out the SIM card size that fits your phone and put it into the handset.


Virgin Media uses EE's extensive network to deliver great speeds and coverage. Here's what else you can expect from Virgin Media.

  • Data-free messaging on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter: Use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter without using your regular data allowance.
  • Data rollover: Keep your unused data to enjoy the following month.
  • Change your plan whenever you want: Choose more minutes and data, or move down our tariff to reduce your cost each month.


Virgin Media customers can use their inclusive, texts, minutes and data for no extra charge in 43 locations with its Roam Like Home scheme.

Find out more with our Virgin Media international roaming FAQ.


Virgin Media combines competitive, flexible contracts with extensive 4G coverage.

The flexible contracts allow SIM-only and mobile phone customers to upgrade or downgrade their allowances from month to month, according to their usage. Virgin Media also offers the option to roll over unused data from month to month.

Virgin Media's service is based on EE's network. As a result, it's able to offer 4G coverage to 98% of the country.

The network's customer service ratings are high. In 2016 it was voted for customer service at the uSwitch Mobile Awards.

Customer Service

Virgin Media was voted best network for customer service at the uSwitch Mobile Awards 2016.

Customers can call 789 from their handset for assistance or 034 5600 0789 from a landline. Calls to 789 are free or 10p per call if you need to speak to a team member.

Lines are open 8am-10pm, seven days a week.


Virgin Media offers SIM-only for customers who just want to pay for a monthly allowance of texts, calls and data and Freestyle pay-monthly phone contracts, which include allowances and a handset.

The network's SIM-only plans operate a 30-day rolling contract basis, so you're free to cancel with a month's notice.

The plans also allow you to upgrade or downgrade your allowances on a monthly basis. So if you find you're paying for data you don't need, you can switch to a lower allowance to save money.

You can also roll over unused data from month to month, so it doesn't go to waste.

Virgin Media's Freestyle phone contracts offer the same flexibility as its SIM-only deals, with the option to downgrade or upgrade to a lower priced tariff on a monthly basis, and feature the same roll-over data scheme too.

Like O2 Refresh, Tesco Anytime Upgrade and Sky Mobile Swap, Virgin Media contracts include an early upgrade option on your handset. This means that if a new smartphone appears that catches your eye, you don't have to wait until your contract ends to get it.


Virgin Media's mobile phone service is based on EE's network, which offers 4G to 98% of the population.


Virgin Mobile was launched in 1999 as an extension of Richard Branson’s world famous brand. Within a year of its launch it boasted 500,000 customers and by 2001 had one million, making it the UK mobile communications company to hit this landmark within the shortest time.

As well as the UK, the company operates in India, Australia, Canada, South Africa, the United States and France.