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How to transfer your number from TPO Mobile to Vodafone?

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  1. 1) Check you’re eligible to switch from TPO

    All TPO SIM-only deals operate on rolling contracts. So you’re free to leave whenever you like and it won’t cost you anything, but you’ll have to give 30 days' notice.

    To find out your contract end date, call 500 from your TPO handset. Or 0333 313 7760 from any other phone (standard network charges apply).

    Opening hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and 10am-4pm at weekends.

    If you’d prefer not to call, you can also find out your contract end date by signing into your TPO account.

  2. 2) Contact TPO to cancel and ask them for a PAC Code

    Got a concrete contract end date? Good. Now you’ll need to pick up the phone and tell TPO's support team that you’d like to leave. You can reach them on the numbers listed under step 1.

    While you’re speaking to the support team make sure you ask for a PAC Code.

    This is a short sequence of numbers and letters that you’ll need to give to the network that you’re joining, so that they can transfer your existing mobile number.

    Networks are required to supply you with your PAC Code within two hours of your request.

    The critical thing to note is that PAC Codes expire within 30 days. If you haven’t used your PAC Code within this timeframe, you’re required to get in touch with TPO again to request a new code.

  3. 3) Find and buy a phone from Vodafone

    So you’re out of contract and ready to switch. That’s great. Your next step is to choose a deal from Vodafone and sign up for it.

    Once you’ve passed Vodafone’s credit checks, you’ll receive your phone or SIM in the post.

  4. 4) Contact Vodafone and give them your PAC code

    Okay, we’re well on our way now. Next, you’ll have to ring Vodafone and tell them your PAC Code.

    To get in touch, call Vodafone’s customer support team on 03333 040 191 (standard network rates apply).

  5. 5) Insert your new Vodafone SIM card

    If you got a new phone, it's time to take your pin-key and unlock the handset's SIM tray. Then insert your Vodafone SIM.

    If you opted for a SIM-only deal, you can just put the Vodafone SIM card in your existing phone.

    The number transfer won’t take place instantly, but while it’s underway you’ll be given a temporary number to use.

  6. 6) Wait for your number to be transferred to Vodafone

    Experience tells us that your number transfer should be complete the next working day.

    But this depends on the network you’re joining and there are some circumstances under which it may take a bit longer. For instance, if you make your call on a working day or a weekend.