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  5. EU acts decisively to cut SMS and call charges

EU acts decisively to cut SMS and call charges

Plans to cap the cost of sending text messages sent throughout the EU are coming to fruition, following an agreement between the European Union and the European parliament.

Under the terms of draft deal, which was agreed at a meeting in Strasbourg, the cost of sending a text overseas with be capped at 11 cents, which equates to around 10p.

This is around 20 per cent of what mobile phone networks currently charge for SMS messages sent outside the user’s home state.

The deal will also see the further reductions to the cost of making and receiving calls when overseas.

The European parliament is expected to approve the proposals next month, meaning that the rules would be binding from July.

Industry watchers expressed surprise at the outcome, after having previously been told that the cuts would not come into force until September.

Martin Whitehead, GSMA European director, told the Reuters news agency: "We don't agree with the extension of the existing regulation. It does seem strange they have decided to accelerate the price cap decreases in an arbitrary way in the final stages of negotiations.”

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