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Rolando ‘should roll over opposition at MEF’

This week Top 10 Mobile Phones was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the HTC Magic. It’s a fine handset, with an array of fun applications and practical ones, too. Not least the built-in Google apps and the brilliant barcode reader-cum-instant price comparison device SmartShop.

News of the forthcoming handset comes in the week that the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) announced the sixth annual prize giving for the best apps of the last year. And if the advent of the HTC Magic wasn’t enough to remind you how far we’ve come in terms of mobile phone technology in that time, look no further than previous winners in key categories.

In the inaugural year, the top gong went to Vesa-Matti Paananen, for his work in monetising ringtones. How long ago does it seem that this was an innovation? And yet it was just five years ago.

In the second year, the award went to Snake, which at the time was such a key selling point of Nokia handsets such as the 3210. For proof of the amazing progression made in mobile phone gaming, just compare its no-fi visuals and basic gameplay to the stunning graphics and absorbing action of Rolando. It’s easily the equal of anything on the PSP. And if there are any gamers on the MEF panel ought to win by a brightly coloured cartoon landslide.

Disagree? Is there another contender for the year's best app? Let us know in the comments section.

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