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Is the Nokia 1100 the fraudsters’ handset of choice

How much would you pay for a six-year-old Nokia 1100 mobile phone? Not very much, I fancy. After all, with its brick-like styling and positively rudimentary set of functions, said handset hasn’t much to recommend it.

And yet to the mystification of all but criminal masterminds, Nokia 1100 phones have apparently been selling for tens of thousands of pounds. Or rather German editions have. That’s because, according to Ultrascan which monitors fraud in all its modern manifestations, the phones can be reprogrammed to intercept SMS messages and crack bank security.

If it’s true - and there is some doubt over this tale's veracity - it’s an amazing story. And given Nokia’s recent declining handset sales, we expect they’ll be looking covetously at this burgeoning secondary market and wishing they were getting some of the action.

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