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Palm Pre can sync with iTunes

Palm Pre can sync with iTunes

The Palm Pre will be able to sync with iTunes, it has been revealed, heightening the device’s threat to the forthcoming iPhone.

Speaking at the All Things Digital conference yesterday, Jon Rubenstein, executive chairman of Palm, announced that the company’s flagship handset for 2009 will allow users to use iTunes to synch DRM-free tracks.

Songs without the copyright protection software installed now make up the majority of those on offer on at Apple's online music download store.

Support for iTunes would make it significantly easier for Pre owners to manage their music playlists and with 8GB of internal memory the phones offer plenty of room for storing song libraries.

The Palm Pre is expected to launch in the US on June 6th on the Sprint network priced at around £128 on two-year contracts.

A UK release date and retail price have yet to be confirmed, but industry experts anticipate that the smartphone will appear in time to capitalise on the Christmas market and will be exclusive to O2.

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