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Vodafone scraps roaming charges

Vodafone scraps roaming charges

Vodafone customers will no longer be hit with punitive international roaming charges when making calls overseas, it has been announced.

The move will mean that the mobile phone network’s clients will be able to send texts and make calls for the same price as in the UK.

Set to come into force from June 1st and run until August 31st, the change will cover 35 countries including Australia, Cyprus and Iceland.

Both pay as you go and pay monthly customers qualify for the offer on the condition that that they have signed up for Vodafone’s Passport scheme.

This can be done for free as of tomorrow simply by sending an SMS message containing the word “Passport” to 97888 for contract customers or to 2345 for those on pay as you go plans.

Alternatively, all customers can visit and sign up online.

Vodafone was this work forced to refute rumours that it is to the UK carrier of the next edition of the iPhone.

Speculation that the company is to be named as Apple’s network partner followed the publication of an online consumer guide to iPhones on a Vodafone website.

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