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Puma mobile phone on the way

Puma mobile phone on the way

Puma is partnering with French handset manufacturer Sagem for a branded mobile phone due to appear to coincide with the 2010 World Cup.

According to the sportswear company, the handset will "reflect the DNA of the Puma brand" and will launch during the second quarter of next year, just before the World Cup commences in June.

Specifications for the upcoming mobile phone, which forms part of Puma’s move to diversify its product range, are as yet unconfirmed but it is likely that it will have a personal fitness focus.

In keeping with the diversification strategy, the phone will be on sale in Puma retail outlets as well as through UK network carriers.

Thierry Buffenor, Chief Executive Officer of Sagem, said: "The Puma Phone will be a milestone in the mobile market as the first mobile device completely tailor-designed, from the inside out, with technology and services that improve experience and connect a brand community."

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