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Firefox Mobile available December

Firefox Mobile available December

Owners of Android and Symbian-based mobile handsets will be able to download the first full release of Firefox Mobile some time in December, according to official reports.

A spokesperson for Mozilla, the developer behind the software, confirmed that Firefox would also be hitting handsets running the Maemo platform after the beta testing was complete.

The software was recently demonstrated on a Nokia N900 tablet phone and impressed the experts.

Firefox Mobile is said to replicate virtually all of the features contained within the desktop version, including tabbed browsing and support for YouTube and Google Maps in their full capacities.

It has been suggested that the focus on Maemo, which has far less market presence than Android or Symbian, could limit the adoption of Firefox Mobile in the short term. However, if Mozilla follows through with its promises for multi-platform support, Firefox Mobile could soon be the portable browser of choice.

In contrast, owners of the Apple iPhone are unlikely to see a Firefox app any time soon. This is because Apple is known to veto entries onto the App Store which directly compete with one of its own products.

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