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Free O2 broadband offer ends today

Free O2 broadband offer ends today

O2’s offer of three months free broadband ends today, giving cost-conscious consumers just a matter of hours to take advantage of savings of up to £66 on an award-winning home broadband service.

Sign up for the O2 broadband three months free offer here: O2 broadband

The limited-period promotion is running on the broadband provider’s Standard, Premium and Pro packages – with all Britons who sign up online for the service paying nothing for their broadband for the first three months of their contract term.

Non-O2 mobile phone customers who choose the entry level Standard deal or the Premium deal save £37 and £44 respectively. Alternatively, the Pro package offers total savings of £66.

Meanwhile, consumers who hold an O2 mobile phone contract save £23, £29 and £51 on the Standard, Premium and Pro packages respectively.

Suitable for light users, the Standard deal offers a broadband connection of up to 8MB. The package also includes a free wireless router, McAfee security software, around-the-clock customer service and 100 free web texts per month

The Premium and Pro home broadband deals are tailored for heavier users, such as people who download extensively, watch lots of TV and video over the internet and play online games. This means that they would typically require a faster connection.

Accordingly, both Premium and Pro customers get a broadband speed of up to 20Mb. Premium also offers McAfee security software for up to three computers and 200 free web texts per month and 24/7 customer support. Pro includes the same online security package for five computers, 500 free web texts and a special dedicated customer service number for extra assistance.

All three broadband products from O2 come with a wireless router at no extra charge. They will also benefit from a home broadband service that was voted the UK’s at the 2009 Top 10 Broadband Awards. The occasion marked the second consecutive year that O2 has scooped the prize.

Other deals currently available from O2 include a cut-price pay as you go mobile broadband dongle deal. Also available for a limited period only, the promotion offers a dongle for just £14.67. Buyers are then free to add usage on a PAYG basis at £7.50 per MB.

Sign up for the O2 broadband three months free offer here: O2 broadband

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