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No price war, yet. But iPhone deals are improving…

Earlier this month when Orange’s tariffs were announced the disappointment from the public was palpable. Where was the price war we were promised, they asked. And when you consider that Orange’s contract price points were about a penny cheaper than O2’s, you can see where they’re coming from.

Nonetheless, the mere existence of another option for buying the iPhone has spurred O2 into action. While the network hasn’t cut its regular tariffs, this week it announced a reduction for its tethering add-on. And better yet, those that take them up on the offer are eligible for free home broadband.

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But that’s not all. We’ve also seen O2 hook up with Sky to give existing iPhone customers 90-days worth of free, unlimited access to the new Sky Sports mobile application.

Meanwhile, there’s still hope for a price war yet. Let’s wait and see what Vodafone comes up with when it starts carrying Apple mobile phones from next year…

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