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Powermat Wireless Charger Review

What’s the USP?

The Powermat is touted by its manufacturers as a device that will change your life. It’s a bold claim. But it’s also not entirely without justification.

The Powermat is a skateboard-shaped device onto which you can place all manner of tech – be it iPhones, iPods or a Nintendo DS – and charge up to three of them simultaneously. In so doing, it eliminates the infernal tangle of wires that blight modern homes. Truly, if you’re a Wallpaper* reader or a minimalist, the Powermat is nothing short of manna from heaven.

Powermat - mat

But that’s not all. The device also boasts impeccable eco credentials. RFID tags means that the Powermat is able to efficiently distribute charge among devices, so that the exact amount of power is expended to each. And in another boon for rainbow warriors, the Powermat also shuts off when your gadgets are fully charged.

Whoah, rewind for a bit. How does it work?

Concentrate, here comes the sciencey bit: The Powermat is to all intents and purposes a tranche of magnets which build a connection to charge your device. Got that? Good.

Powermat - iPhone

Sounds too good to be true. So what’s the catch?

The Powermat itself is priced at a very reasonable £69.99. But the potential sting in the tail is that you’ll need to buy a different attachment for each device you want to charge. These aren’t cheap, with the iPhone add-on going for £34.99. The Nintendo DS version is a similarly wallet scorching £29.99.

Powermat - iPod Charging

Still, in mitigation, the Powermat’s charging efficiency means that you’ll actually be saving money in the long-term. And also propping up the balance sheet is the fact that anything that salves your conscience over your gadget habit’s damage to the planet is pretty much priceless.

Top10 score: 8/10

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