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Ovi Store set for revamp

Ovi Store set for revamp

Nokia has responded to public criticism of its Ovi Store platform, admitting that it had not produced a system that could match Apple's App Store.

It plans to revive the Ovi Store, refreshing the user experience and ideally enticing more people over to its various smartphones as a result.

Nokia's struggle against Apple has been crystallised in the recent closures of flagship retail outlets in three of the world's most important cities.

Nokia's George Linardos indicated that customers did not believe the current Ovi Store was as stable or reliable as the App Store.

Mr Liandros explained that Nokia had been somewhat unprepared for the changes in the market that Apple's involvement has brought about, although it is clear that most other manufacturers are also struggling to claw back customers after the iPhone's release.

Nokia claims that it has been heavily influenced by the comments levelled against the current Ovi Store on Twitter and has installed large screens displaying live feeds from the site as an incentive to continually improve the platform.

The next generation Ovi Store will allow applications to integrate payment into their functionality and a new interface will suggest applications based on your friends' downloading habits, as well as making navigation and searching faster and easier.

80 million active users are downloading over one million applications from the Ovi Store each month and the volume of downloads is doubling each consecutive month, although any hope of catching up with Apple's download figures is still a long way off.

Nokia's improvements to the Ovi Store are part of a wider strategy to focus its efforts on a few, finely-tuned mobile phones rather than a larger range of handsets, some of which may not operate as users have come to expect.

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