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App Store sales pass 3 billion mark

App Store sales pass 3 billion mark

Owners of the iPhone and iPod Touch around the world have broken through another barrier by purchasing and downloading over three billion applications, after just a year and a half of the service's availability.

Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs was just as astounded by the scale of the App Store's success as the rest of us, stating that the exponential growth of the sales figures had been occurring with unprecedented speed.

Mr Jobs went on to say that the App Store had been designed in a way that made it unique and that it would be very difficult for its rivals to produce anything that could match it.

Back in April 2009 the one billion app sales mark was reached and two billion had been sold by September, which proves that the rate of growth is still accelerating.

Interestingly the figures now show that it is iPod Touch owners who are downloading more applications than iPhone owners, whereas for a majority of 2009 it was the other way round.

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