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Apps for N900 made available

Apps for N900 made available

Along with the news of Nokia's first firmware update that allows the N900 to access the Ovi Store comes the release of many new applications specifically designed for the Maemo 5 operating system that the smartphone uses.

Nokia has said that it will only offer a selection of the best applications created for Maemo on the Ovi Store, with only those that exceed certain quality requirements making it through.

The new line up of N900 apps includes climate conscious Foreca Weather and the visually stimulating platformer Bounce Evolution.

What has slightly vexed critics is the fact that Nokia is charging rather hefty sums for many of these new N900 apps.

Documents to Go, which is an office-based application that allows MS Office documents such as Word and PowerPoint files to be downloaded and viewed, will set you back more than £12 after the trial period has expired.

This is very early days for the Ovi Store on the Maemo platform and as more developers being work on apps for the N900 the variety should increase whilst prices begin to fall.

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