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Feb 19th launch for Xperia X10

Feb 19th launch for Xperia X10

The first Android-based smartphone from Sony Ericsson was expected at some point in February, but according to the Xperia X10 will officially be available in the UK on the 19th day of that month.

Sony Ericsson has not had much luck with its recent smartphone releases, with bugs hampering the Satio and Anio whilst the Xperia X2 received the boot from Vodafone after delays to its release.

The X10 looks a lot more promising and most manufacturers have been able to make something interesting from Google's mobile operating system.

On paper the X10 is very special, with a four-inch touch sensitive screen, the same 1GHz processor as the Nexus One, Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS. Sony Ericsson has taken the same route as HTC and developed its own user interface, which it calls Rachel and which will be overlaid on the basic Android platform to make the X10 stand out.

One slight dampener to the news of its impending release is that the X10 is running Android 1.6. Hopefully the high profile of this smartphone will ensure a 2.0 update in the near future.

Sony Ericsson has yet to make the release date official, but online retailers have been known to let slip the launch of mobiles in the past, so February 19th could be a pretty accurate prediction.

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