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Olympics coverage on mobiles in 2012

Olympics coverage on mobiles in 2012

As part of its coverage of the London Olympics in 2012, the BBC is planning on making the various events available to as many people as possible, with mobile phone users targeted by a wireless broadcasting service.

Digital and analogue radio, digital television, high definition and even 3D will be used to bring the event to life for those who are not able to be there in person.

Negotiations over how to budget for mobile coverage are occurring now and the basic plans have been given the go-ahead after experts assured Olympic organisers that the proposals were feasible.

Roger Mosey, who is in charge of the BBC's coverage of the 2012 Olympics, said:"Only one in 50 people used mobiles to follow Beijing and it was shown that they didn't like it much either, there were judders or people couldn't get access to video.

"It didn't catch on for Beijing but it is our big idea for London."

London's mayor Boris Johnson is also backing the efforts to bring the Olympics to mobile users, although there are fears that the data requirements of the broadcasts will put an unmanageable level of strain on mobile networks around the UK.

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