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  5. Orange introduces new mobile ad tools

Orange introduces new mobile ad tools

Orange introduces new mobile ad tools

SMS and MMS messages are already used to promote products and businesses, but the new Orange Shots service will allow specific audiences within Orange's customer base to be accessed by firms looking to spread their message using mobile phones.

From February 1st, over 100,000 customers who are part of the Monkey tariff on Orange pay-as-you-go will be part of the Orange Shots demographic. Businesses will be able to tap into the potential market with tailored content that is interactive and engaging.

Orange hopes to quickly expand the Orange Shots service to add in other demographics from different areas of its business and it aims to build a direct dialogue between businesses and consumers that will result in useful statistics and trend analysis.

Multimedia and text-based messages will be incorporated into the new service and feedback from customers will be actively encouraged to refine Orange Shots and help businesses to adjust their approach to mobile marketing in real time.

Customers who have committed to the service will get benefits in return for their participation, including access to multimedia content and news updates.

Orange executive Marc Overton said: "Advertisers are continually seeking new and innovative ways to engage with consumers and our customers [will get] rewarded with access to exclusive, interactive content and offers, knowing that they're tailored specifically to them and their interests."

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