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  5. Windows Mobile hack allows Android booting

Windows Mobile hack allows Android booting

Windows Mobile hack allows Android booting

A member of a modding community has come up with a way to give you the best of both worlds; dual-booting software for running either WinMo or Android.

If you are the owner of a smartphone running Windows Mobile but you are jealous of the Android-based mobiles that are swamping the market at the moment, then this will no doubt be good news.

The member of the XDA-Developers community, which has already made Google Maps Navigation available in the UK and ported Motorola's MotoBLUR onto the T-Mobile G1, released the hack that allows the user to choose either WinMo or Android to boot with as they turn on their mobile phone.

You will need to install the Android ROM onto your mobile before you implement the hack and it will work with various WinMo smartphones including the HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro.

Dual booting is nothing new to the world of desktop computing, with Apple's Macs now able to run Windows operating systems, but for mobiles it still requires the work of hackers to unlock the full potential of any phone.

Currently the hacker is working on an updated dual boot exploit that will allow WinMo and Android to run on phones that use the WVGA resolution, whilst the current release is limited to VGA mobiles.

This will mean that the HTC HD2 will be able to run Android, which could save those who are looking forward to the HTC Supersonic a long wait.

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