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  5. Motion sensing mobile gaming from Sony Ericsson

Motion sensing mobile gaming from Sony Ericsson

Motion sensing mobile gaming from Sony Ericsson

The Nintendo Wii and the Sony PlayStation EyeToy have popularised arm-flailing gameplay for home console users and Sony Ericsson is hoping that it will be able to take this to the mobile market with the release of the Yari which comes complete with a selection of pre-installed games.

Although the Yari already has a few custom-made games, Sony Ericsson has just struck a deal with developer HandyGames which will see two brand new premium titles take pride of place on all future Yaris as they ship.

The technology behind the Yari's motion sensitivity is produced by a firm called GestureTek and HandyGames has used it to create Snowboard Rush and Hamster Hustle.

The front facing camera built into the Yari is used by GestureTek and it can allow games to detect the position and movements of the phone users, allowing for characters to be controlled based on real life actions.

People who have already purchased the Yari will be able to download both titles for free from the PlayNow Arena service, which is a good step taken to bolster the existing selection of titles launched with the Yari.

HandyGames' Markus Kassulke said that the new games offered "an entirely new experience and a lot of fun, [allowing you] to play a mobile game by crouching, jumping or twisting in front of your mobile phone camera."

Sony Ericsson's Sarah Ponnert added: "HandyGames is a technology leader and with its passion for mobile games is the perfect partner for Sony Ericsson to bring unique and innovative applications to our future mobile phones."

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