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  5. PS3 controller cracked for Nokia N900

PS3 controller cracked for Nokia N900

PS3 controller cracked for Nokia N900

It is now possible to control emulated games on the Nokia N900 using a wireless SixAxis controller, which is usually associated with the Sony PlayStation 3, thanks to hacker Tomasz.

See the Nokia N900/PS3 controller video below

The industrious creator of the hack has posted a video on YouTube which proves that he has managed to get the Bluetooth-based controller to interface with the Maemo 5 operating system which powers the N900.

With the PS3 controller in your hand you can then sit back and enjoy classic emulated titles on the big screen. However, the legality of doing so is obviously questionable and something for which Nokia has been reprimanded in the past.

If you are particularly keen on the idea of modifying your own Nokia N900 to make it compatible with a PS3 controller then there are detailed instructions available online.

It's worth bearing in mind, however, that as with all unofficial software modifications, you need to have a certain level of knowledge, skill and confidence and should be aware that you could end up with a costly brick where your N900 used to be if something goes wrong.

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