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  5. Touchscreen phones to 'become standard'

Touchscreen phones to 'become standard'

Touchscreen phones to 'become standard'

Mobile phones with touchscreens will become standard in years to come, a new study from analysis group Canalys forecasts.

It is also anticipated by experts that virtually all portable devices will use touchscreen technology of one kind or another, signalling the virtual death of physical keypads.

However, the Canalys report fails to make the distinction between mobile phones that have touch only controls and those that go for a hybrid; combining touchscreen technology with full QWERTY keypads.

The Motorola Milestone is a good example of such a hybrid and has sold well to business users, as well as text-hungry consumers.

Throughout 2010 the number of touchscreen mobiles is set to rise significantly as AMOLED screen technology becomes more prevalent and touch-friendly versions of Windows Mobile and Android emerge.

The battle for supremacy in the smartphone market will also revolve around the level of competence of the competing operating systems in handling touchscreens.

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