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  5. iPhone owners dominate app spending

iPhone owners dominate app spending

iPhone owners dominate app spending

A new study has shown that users of all smartphone platforms have fairly similar tastes when it comes to apps, but interestingly Android users want for free what iPhone owners are willing to pay for.

On average, smartphone owners download nine apps every month, with 50 per cent of iPhone owners downloading at least one paid-for app in this period, as opposed to just 21 per cent for Android mobile customers.

In the study conducted by AdMob, the customer satisfaction of different smartphone-owning demographics was also examined.

Apple came out on top here, with 91 per cent of iPhone owners saying that they would promote their mobiles to a friend, compared to a still healthy 84 per cent for Android.

The real winner appeared to be the iPod Touch, which cannot really be classed in the same league as the iPhone despite their identical operating systems and app availability.

iPod Touch users played about with apps for over an hour and a half a day on average, which is roughly 25 per cent higher than either the iPhone or Android user base could muster.

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