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  5. Motorists ignore mobile phone rules

Motorists ignore mobile phone rules

Motorists ignore mobile phone rules

New poll statistics suggest that many motorists make and receive mobile phone calls illegally while on the road, nearly three years after the laws prohibiting such use were introduced.

As well as calling, drivers are using their phones to send texts, surf the web and update their social networking sites.

Polling firm YouGov conducted the survey, which covered over 2100 respondents from around the UK, with a range of different demographics to provide a relatively balanced result.

31 per cent of respondents said that they had answered an incoming call while behind the wheel and 22 per cent had used their phones to illegally make a call.

The results of the survey suggest that although most people choose to obey the law and leave their mobiles in their pockets when they are driving, a significant minority are not dissuaded by the threat of punishment or the danger they may pose to themselves and to others.

Many people use hands-free kits or Bluetooth headsets to make and receive calls in a perfectly legal fashion when driving, although clearly the technology has not penetrated the market as fully as might be expected.

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