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Business call monitoring offered by Vodafone

Business call monitoring offered by Vodafone

Vodafone business mobile phone customers can now log the various conversations that staff are having on company-owned handsets, with the launch of a new service.

Many firms operating in the financial industry are required to retain conversations for half a year, meaning that there is a definite demand for what Vodafone is offering.

In the past monitoring in this way has not been possible because networks did not have the requisite technology in place, but Vodafone is aiming to change this.

Called simply Vodafone Mobile Recording, the service can unify the recording of mobile and landline calls within a single firm.

Compatible smartphone operating systems (OS) are currently Symbian and the BlackBerry OS.

To get the service working it is necessary for an app to be installed on each smartphone, although at the moment this has not been created to work with the iPhone.

This is partly because Apple is not keen on allowing call recording on its flagship mobile.

The purpose of the rules and the new service is to ensure that businesses can employ "reasonable steps to prevent employees or contractors from using private communications equipment for business calls".

The cost of this new system and ruling will set back the business world about £11 million in total, which is not a huge sum when spread throughout the industry.

It is hoped that the technology will ultimately serve to further control any illicit or unethical dealings.

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