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Nokia to adopt Windows Phone 7?

Nokia to adopt Windows Phone 7?

Mobile industry analysts are fuelling speculation as to whether or not Finnish mobile manufacturer Nokia is going to be adopting Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform in the future.

The current rumours stem from statements made by Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar, who said that "the odds are stacked against the survival of Symbian," in the next generation of smartphones, potentially leaving Nokia to adopt an operating system (OS) over which it has little control.

Observers have reacted with scepticism to Mr Kumar's statement, pointing to the fact that the Symbian platform outsells every other smartphone OS on the market at the moment and Nokia's grip in emerging markets will not allow this situation to change for the time being.

The latest figures suggest that over 260,000 Symbian-based mobiles are sold every day, according to VM Power User.

In reality, most believe that the chances of Nokia switching its allegiance to Windows Phone 7 are slim and that it is likely to remain loyal to the Symbian platform which has served it so well over the years.

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