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Nokia C7 specs leak

Nokia C7 specs leak

The Nokia C7, which has already appeared in some spy shots courtesy of Daily Mobile Forum, has had more information about its specific hardware and software leaked on an official Nokia website.

The C7 is apparently set to use the Symbian 3 operating system (OS) which will also be running on the upcoming Nokia N8.

It also seems as though the C7 will have a high resolution 360x640 display paired with a processor that can harness the new Symbian platform's ability to produce highly detailed 3D graphics.

The C7 will reportedly offer various modern connectivity options, including Wi-Fi and 3G, and could feature an eight megapixel camera on the rear.

However, a 3.2 megapixel camera might be more likely as a maximum image size of 2048x1536 is mentioned in the leaked document, according to Engadget.

Nokia has yet to give any official word as to when the C7 will be arriving or how much it will cost.

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