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  5. Smartphone users flock to Facebook

Smartphone users flock to Facebook

Smartphone users flock to Facebook

Smartphone owners are firing up the social networking site Facebook in app form more frequently than any other mobile software application, according to a consumer poll.

Users of smartphones including the iPhone and the BlackBerry range were found to be most likely to use Facebook from their phones, analyst firm Nielsen revealed.

Over 4200 respondents took part in the survey, with the only requirement for entry being that they had downloaded an application over the past month. Amongst iPhone owners, 58 per cent said that they regularly checked Facebook via their mobiles.

The Google Maps app was also highly rated by smartphone users, with 47 per cent of iPhone owners navigating their way using this useful feature.

Android users broke the trend by using Google Maps more frequently than Facebook, which was forced into second place, although its popularity is still indisputable.

iPhone owners are the most prolific app downloaders, with users averaging 37 apps on their mobiles. In second place were Android users, who had 22 apps, whilst only 10 apps were to be found on the average BlackBerry owner's mobile.

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