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  5. Microsoft: mobile multitasking is over-hyped

Microsoft: mobile multitasking is over-hyped

Microsoft: mobile multitasking is over-hyped

Windows Phone 7 is unlikely to support full multitasking or even copy and paste functionality, it has been revealed.

Microsoft product manager Greg Sullivan disclosed his company's plans for the latest iteration of the smartphone operating system in an interview with TechRadar.

He explained that while users will be able to access some functions simultaneously, such as play music while browsing the web, the problems that Microsoft had encountered when it tried to implement full smartphone multi-tasking on earlier mobiles had informed the decision not to enable it on its new generation of handsets.

Allowing third party apps to continue operating in the background was one of the main downfalls of Microsoft's previous smartphone platforms, Mr Sullivan claimed.

He said: "How often would you launch multiple apps and the execution would continue and you'd run out of resource; or one of the apps in the background would destabilise the system and force you to reboot?

"We have a multi-tasking platform that supports threads of execution and that accounts for many conceivable solutions on the mobile - when [most] people think of multi-tasking they want a couple of things: have a song keep playing while they browse the web or write a text and we have that."

Microsoft seems to be more interested in creating a stable operating system for mobiles rather than catering to the requests of hardcore users and, as such, it seems that it is very much looking to emulate certain aspects of the iOS platform produced by Apple for the iPhone.

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