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Ovi Browser planned by Nokia

Ovi Browser planned by Nokia

Ovi Maps and the Ovi Store could soon be joined by a dedicated Ovi Browser app for mobile web browsing, as Nokia attempts to solidify and unify its Ovi brand products.

Nokia has confirmed that an Ovi Browser is under construction, but whether it has started from scratch or simply renamed the existing browser software used by its smartphones, is currently uncertain.

There is evidence to suggest that the Ovi Browser will be an entirely new product because it has been given a separate download page on Nokia's website, which is not something you would expect to see from a native component of a mobile operating system's software.

The Ovi Browser might spread its wings and land on Windows PCs in the future, according to rumours, although this would definitely be a more difficult move for Nokia to make, given that there is already so much competition amongst the established desktop browsers.

Nokia users will certainly be pleased to hear that the Ovi brand is becoming stronger and a new browser is always an important event in the mobile world.

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