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  5. Leaked Dell Thunder previewed in video

Leaked Dell Thunder previewed in video

Leaked Dell Thunder previewed in video

The Dell Thunder has been the subject of speculation and rumour for some time, but now a pre-release edition of the smartphone has been given a going over in an online video.

Like the current crop of high end mobiles, the Dell Thunder will have HD video capture capabilities, bolstered with an eight megapixel resolution for still images.

The video shows that Android 2.1 is the basic operating system, but Dell is expected to include its own customised interface on top in time for its official launch.

A 4.1 inch screen, reportedly using an OLED panel, is at the heart of the Thunder and although the resolution is said to be 800x480, there is a chance that it might be even higher, according to Engadget.

The design of the Dell Thunder has become its greatest asset after it received much praise from observers. It certainly seems to cut a dashing figure with its slim build and premium components, so it will be interesting to see it arrive on the market.

Dell is planning a whole glut of new smartphone launches over the coming months, with mid range Android mobiles and even a Windows Phone 7 device thrown into the mix. The Thunder will have to compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Desire HD.

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