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Nokia says no to Android

Nokia says no to Android

Finnish smartphone maker Nokia has once again said that it will not turn to Google's Android operating system for its handsets, even though it continues to struggle against the threat of the iPhone.

A Twitter debate chaired by senior Nokia executive Niklas Savander, saw questions raised over how the firm would recoup its diminishing market share and whether Android would be the platform Nokia should look to as it has turned around the fortunes of the likes of Motorola and Sony Ericsson.

Mr Savander responded to the questions, saying: "Our platform choices (Symbian and MeeGo) give us the best [opportunity] to deliver value and of course will play a key role."

Nokia's continued support of Symbian has come under criticism from those who believe that it is no longer a competitive operating system in the modern smartphone market.

However, Nokia has a lot invested in Symbian and its dominance in emerging markets cannot be ignored.

Although the upcoming Nokia N8 will be the first to sport the new Symbian 3 platform, all eyes will be on the first handset to sport its MeeGo platform, as this will power the high end Nokia smartphones of the future and could make or break its position in the global market.

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