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Nokia N8 finally released in the UK

Nokia N8 finally released in the UK

Customers anticipating Nokia’s latest flagship smartphone, the N8, will finally get their hands on the handset as Nokia has confirmed it has begun shipping in the UK.

Currently the handset is only being shipped to customers who pre-ordered through the Nokia’s online and retail stores.

However, Nokia has assured that the kit will be available through other vendors “in the coming weeks”, although "market availability will vary by country and by operator”.

The N8 was originally unveiled in April but since then it has been delayed twice. A release date was finally confirmed at the Nokia World expo earlier this month but that was postponed again after the smartphone maker was forced to iron out some last-minute glitches in the software.

The N8 is the first smartphone to run the revamped Symbian3 operating system and a successful launch is widely expected to serve as a lifeline for the struggling smartphone giant as it battles to swing around from dwindling profits and market share.

Key features of the handset include a 3.5-inch AMOLED panel, a 12-megapixel camera with HD video recording and Dolby Surround sound.

UK network Vodafone announced last month that will carry an exclusive green edition of the N8. The SIM free version is retailing for £429 but contract customers can expect to pick it up free on a £35 monthly tariff.

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