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Nokia X7-00 caught on video

Nokia X7-00 caught on video

A video has surfaced online apparently showcasing a new handset challenger from the Nokia stable, which promises to match the higher-end Windows Phone 7 efforts in the smartphone sonics stakes.

The curvy and rather sleek handset, apparently dubbed the X7-00 and set to be part of the music-focussed Xseries range, certainly looks the part. And it’ll be no slouch in the sound department either, if the video unearthed by the good coves at Nokia Saga is anything to go by.

That’s thanks to four built-in speakers, which it’s thought will offer Dolby Digital Sound, following the company’s recent agreement to collaborate.

Alas, right now confirmed specs are thin on the ground, but reports suggest that these will be broadly in line with the N8, so we could have a pretty high-grade camera to look forward to as well.

However, the clip does at least tell us that it’ll run the latest iteration of Nokia’s operating system Symbian 3, suggesting that it’s set to be the third phone to run the OS after the N8 and C7.

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