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  5. Palm Pre 2 for UK confirmed, SIM-free handset out November 12

Palm Pre 2 for UK confirmed, SIM-free handset out November 12

Palm Pre 2 for UK confirmed, SIM-free handset out November 12

HP, the company that now owns Palm, has officially confirmed that the successor to the original Pre will be hitting UK shelves this Friday.

The handset, which has already launched on France’s SFR network and confirmed for Verizon in the US and Rogers in Canada, will be released in the UK as an unlocked model, HP has reportedly told Pocket-Lint.

Although O2, which owned exclusive rights to the Pre and Plus in the UK, has yet to confirm if it would be offering the Pre 2 with a contract, earlier reports of the network removing stock of the old Pre models from its stores seem to suggest that it may be ready to make an imminent announcement.

A recently leaked screenshot of what appears to be a roadmap of upcoming releases has also revealed that the network is ready to push out the latest build of the Palm webOS, version 2.0, on December 6th.

The news definitely intrigues us as we are not only big fans of the webOS but also can’t wait to see how the Pre 2 performs with HP’s support now behind it.

The Pre 2 is largely similar to its predecessors in design but boasts a faster 1GHz processor, a five-megapixel camera with flash and extended depth of field, 16GB of onboard storage, plus a new, flatter and sturdier screen that is believed to be the same as the Gorilla Glass used on the iPhone 4.

webOS 2.0 on the other hand adds a number of new functions to the acclaimed operating system. Not least of which is the inclusion of a revamped universal search called ‘Just Type’, as well as enhanced multitasking that extends that enables running applications to be organised in ‘stacks’ and last but certainly not least, Flash Player 10.1 support.

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