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  5. World’s most expensive iPad 2 to cost £5m

World’s most expensive iPad 2 to cost £5m

World’s most expensive iPad 2 to cost £5m

Gadgets have long been mashed up with precious stones and rocks of astronomical value and it’s not about to change now as a new ‘History Edition’ of Apple’s iPad 2 has been announced, this time setting you back a modest sum of £5 million.

Created by Steve Hughes, the same Liverpudlian bloke who previously designed a £40k iPhone 4 ‘History edition’ carved from a T-Rex tooth and an actual meteorite, the iPad 2 ‘Gold History Edition’ is fashioned from 24 carat gold, 16.5 carat ‘I’F’ cut flawless diamonds and an Apple logo encrusted with 53 individually set gemstones.

And that’s only the rear of the device. The front side is slathered with none other than the oldest known rock on earth, ammolite, etched with bones from a 65 million year old T-Rex and finally, a single cut 8.5 carat diamond to take the place of the home button, inlaid in platinum, plus 12 outer flawless diamonds to add the finishing touch.

As you might expect, all of this adds up to a pretty weighty device, over two kilograms in fact, which is hardly the portable device Apple had in mind. But we doubt Cupertino will mind seeing yet another of its iDevices getting lavished with mind-bogglingly precious stones.

Even with Apple’s army of iFans, it’s hard to imagine punters queuing up in droves to bag one of these babies. But there’ll only be available. So if you have a spare £5m lying around, bag one before they’re gone.

Via: via New Launches

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