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  5. Facebook to launch photo sharing iPhone app

Facebook to launch photo sharing iPhone app

Facebook to launch photo sharing iPhone app

Facebook is working on a standalone photo-sharing app for the iPhone that works independently of the official application, a TechCrunch report claims.

The watchful types over at TC have somehow managed to get their mitts on “50 MB of images and documents”, providing ample evidence of the social network’s plans for world domination via an app that is being internally dubbed ‘HoverTown’ and ‘WithPeople’.

TC is calling it an amalgamation of some of the best, most popular image editing and sharing apps around, namely Instagram, Color, Path and With (Path’s Next Big Thing) and potentially the “killer” app everyone’s been waiting for.

And we are inclined to agree, given Facebook’s already impressive record as a photo-sharing platform, serving 700 million-plus registered users who upload some 6 billion photos each month with a total of 100 billion uploaded to date.

With services like Instagram gaining in popularity, it’s hardly surprising that Facebook wants to stay ahead of the pack.

Although it appears that the app is being built to work on its own, we can surely expect integration with our existing Facebook accounts, and who knows – there may even be ways to share photos in places to other than Facebook coughtwittercough.

No word unfortunately as to when we might see Hovertown, WithPeople or WhateverApp they decide to call it hit the App Store, but colour us excited.



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