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  5. Grooveshark webOS app updated – adds offline playback

Grooveshark webOS app updated – adds offline playback

Grooveshark webOS app updated – adds offline playback

Music streaming service Grooveshark has updated its official app for the HP webOS platform, bringing with it a spate of new features and enhancements including the eagerly awaited offline mode.

Grooveshark, for those who’ve never used it before, works much like the best-thing-since-sliced-bread that is Spotify, allowing users to search and play millions of songs, create playlists and listen to them anywhere on the go using mobile apps for virtually every platform.

However, until now it’s been lacking a key feature of its rival: the ability to sync your playlists offline to listen even when you can’t get a 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

Well, it seems the Groovy boys have finally listened to its users’ demands because now you can save all your playlists offline thanks to the recently updated version 1.3.2 of the HP webOS app.

In addition to offline sync, it also adds support for the Just Type universal search, meaning you could just type the song or artist you want to play and find it without even opening the app first. Cool, eh? There’s more.

You can also finally access playlists created by others that you’ve subscribed to. The app now saves your login info so you don’t have to type it again if you get logged out for any reason.

A gamut of performance improvements has also been made, including enhanced queue usability, quicker load time, power scrolling, a new song list design, improved caching of favourites, playlists and songs, and some bug fixes.

To download the updated app, head over to the HP App Catalog on your phone. However, to enjoy the newer features like Just Type integration, your device must be running version webOS 2.1 or higher, meaning if you’re stuck with a Pre ‘Minus’, you’re out of luck.



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