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  5. Top 5 reasons you should buy an HP TouchPad

Top 5 reasons you should buy an HP TouchPad

Top 5 reasons you should buy an HP TouchPad

It’s amazing what a hefty price cut can do. The HP TouchPad might be on its way out, just a few weeks after it was first released, in fact. But the decision to slash its price in order to shift remaining stock has sent gadget fans loopy, with Dixons selling out and other stores struggling to meet demand. Still not keen? Here’s five reasons why you should be.

1 Tablets will never cost so little again

HP TouchPad UI and multitasking

Yes, it’s obvious, but there’ll probably never be another time when a tablet of this quality costs so little. At £89 for a 16GB model and £115 for a 32GB one, you’re looking at a quarter of the RRP for a device that, while not up to iPad standard, is still more than ample at handling complex tasks and giving you a decent PC alternative for the commute or sitting on the sofa.

If you’ve been umming and ahhing about a tablet, and aren’t too fussed about filling it up with myriad apps, then now’s the time to strike. If you can get one, of course.

2 Resale value

del boy

The TouchPad will be a collectors’ item in a matter of days. So even if you don’t want one for yourself, this could be a great chance to boost your eBay income and slap one up for auction.

Just bought, sealed 16GB models are going for between £150 and £165 on and up to $300 in the US. These prices will soar as users scrabble for the discontinued slate, so this is a great chance to make a few quid and maybe buy the iPad you’re really jonesing for.

3 It’s still a decent device

HP TouchPad wireless printing

Just because HP has decided it’s got little love left for the TouchPad doesn’t mean it’s not a decent piece of kit with a lot to offer. The design is up to a good standard and the touchscreen is assured.

Throw in decent connectivity and you’re looking at a tablet that can easily challenge many Android models. Just because it didn’t get world-beating reviews doesn’t mean it can’t do a job. Especially at £89.

4 webOS is a doddle to get to grips with

web os new shot 3

You won’t take long to learn how to use webOS, with its cards and stacks for sweeping through open apps and menu structures. The fact it never really gained traction doesn’t mean that it’s not smart and intuitive to use.

The only major issue with it was the lack of apps (although some major ones remain available) and if you can get past that, this is an operating system loaded with great features.

5 Features galore

kindle touchpad

Load up Amazon’s Kindle webOS app and you’ve got a decent eReader to take with you on your travels or to hunker down with at home. Add in easy multitasking, a web browser that’ll let you tuck into Twitter and Facebook to share your musings while watching TV and there’s stacks of stuff to be getting on with.

Make sure you trawl the App Catalog as soon as you get a new TouchPad to get the best add-ons on the cheap.

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